Fleets of Fortune

Ahoy Mateys! If you’re ready to risk life and limb(s), then welcome to Fleets of Fortune!

Hoist the main anchor and batten down the hatches, as you and up to 4 other adventurers compete to rule the seven seas! Recruit your crew members through influence. Put them to work to amass your wealth. Use your riches to acquire your fleet of ships to conquer the world. Rough tides await, and it will take an even rougher band of buccaneers to heft and hornswoggle their way to the top. Do you have what it takes, or are ye just another cowardly landlubber?

Fleets of Fortune is a light engine builder that pits you and your opponents against each other to become the first person to hire a captain and helm a fleet of four separate ships. To do so you will recruit crew members by matching them with their items of influence. Once you have your crew members, you can put them to work to perform specific tasks to help build your wealth. You can also seek wealth and improve your position by searching for pirate booty. Once you have accrued enough wealth, you can begin purchasing ships to set sail and become the first to rule the seven seas.

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A Pirate-themed card game for those ruthless at heart!


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